Friday, January 27, 2006

Hidden Charms

"You might be sitting on a hidden treasure right now!" - From an promotional spot for the PBS series Antiques Road Show.

   That blurb got a laugh out of the Weaver. Of course, it's true. (especially the hidden part!) Despite the best efforts of p*rn*graphers and other media jackals, we don't have to face the prospect of airing our differences on a continuous basis. The treasure aspect of it is a little different for everyone, some great expectations are never quite fulfilled, others exceed our wildest dreams. Perhaps it is the "treasure hunt" that is the thing, while the cache is important, it is not the only reward.

The great blues composer and performer Willie Dixon may have said it best:
Her lips are sweet
Her legs are big
Her looks can make you
Dance the jig
Her touch is so soft
Her heart is so warm
What knocks me out
Is your hidden charm

Her voice is so soft
Her love is so true
I think about her
That's all I do
She's weak and wanton
In my arms
What moves me darling
Is your hidden charm

Her kiss is so pure
Like the morning dew
A real gone lover
Exciting too
Her eyes that talk
And they say "c'mon"
What kills me baby
Is your hidden charm

When I hold you
In my arms
Brings out all of your
Hidden Charm

By Professor Batty


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Leave it to Willy Dixon...


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