Monday, January 23, 2006

Tell Me..., how did you two "get together"?
- Huh. Well, I had met him in grad school out west. He was a little bit older and we had hit it off pretty well, but not that well, if you catch my drift...
-Yeah I see...
-Anyway, I had been on my own, making pretty good money, and I wasn't quite ready to settle down.
-What happened?
-He had been sending me cards and letters everyday, and calling, too. Hah! A real media blitz!
-But that still didn't do it, did it?
-No. We had arranged a ski week-end in Colorado. Saturday night a blizzard hit and we were snowed in.
-You need not go into details.
-Well after that I was a goner. I was still a little resentful at having lost my freedom. But it worked out ok.
-I'd say that was divine intervention, no?

By Professor Batty


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