Friday, February 03, 2006

Fill in The Blanks...

...a do-it-yourself FLIPPISM IS THE KEY post...

They met at a ____ ____.
He gave her his ____ ____ ____.
She gave him a ____ ____.
Their ____ ____ was ____.
He thrust his ____ into her ____ and ____.
They both ____ hard.
Afterwards they ____ their ____ with ____.

Fill in the blanks (words can be of any length) on a piece of paper, then look in the comments for my version.

By Professor Batty


Blogger Professor Batty said...

They met at a church social.
Her gave her his ice cream ticket.
She gave him a tutti frutti.
Their ice cream was delicious.
He then thrust his spoon into her peaches and cream.
They both laughed hard.
Afterwards they wiped their faces with napkins., who has a dirty mind?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, it was pretty open for...

They met at a town hall
He gave her his plastic clip board
She gave him a bic pen
Their lobbying was flawless.
He thrust his hand into her hand and squeezed.
They both tried hard.
Afterwards they celebrated their victory with cheesecake.


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