Saturday, March 04, 2006

Girls' Night Out

"Bye honey, have fun with your friends..."
Home alone again. I don't mind. Women have their needs, the need for female companionship, by definition, precludes men. Sometimes I wonder how men and women get along at all, some don't, of course, but many do- and not just an uneasy peace either. The need to get away, to reestablish friendly connections, both men and women seem to do better when they have an outlet. Everybody just wants to have fun once in a while. The ease which many women have in maintaining social relationships with the same gender is often absent in men, who tend to have a competitive factor with their comrades and often need to maintain an emotional distance between each other. Insert your own Brokeback Mountain reference here. That may be one reason that the film has found a large audience- by showing the potential of same sex love in a new light.

By Professor Batty


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