Thursday, March 23, 2006

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As the two year anniversary of Flippism Is The Key approaches, your humble host takes time to reflect on his efforts. Lord knows I try to mix it up, I think that some of my better efforts are those that I re-read that cause me to say to myself: "I wrote that?" Disregarding my own impressions, the #1 Google hit on my site is "Mel Jass." It isn't even close. The words "Mel" and "Jass" combined get more hits than "Flippism" itself. Usually I get a couple hits on Mr J. per week, lately it has been more like a couple hits a day. He hasn't been in the news, the last I heard of him was that he was still dead.

My original post told a small story about this local TV personality, and gave a little bio of his life and work. I've followed up on Mel myself- I have yet to read anything bad about the man. My former co-worker, M. Hansen (the ne plus ultra "it girl" of the swingin' sixties) actually stomped on his wing-tips once, HARD, just to see if he would show his mean side. No way. He was cool. (So cool in fact, that he had a bit role in an "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" episode.)

And so, as with most things Flippist, I can't explain it. But also, as with most things Flippist, I'll write about it, in the hopes that I'll receive some blinding flash of insight, or a least a gift certificate to The Furniture Barn (one of Mel's sponsors.)

By Professor Batty


Anonymous jeanbabe said...

I actually ate lunch with the great man's son MWF at the U on West Bank one long ago winter quarter. He wasn't too fond of the fellow, but I think it was that usual kid thing of wishing ones parents were totally invisible. Also, this fellow, whose name I can't remember was darling with a lovely blond moustache. Sigh!

Blogger Comica said...

somehow, I managed to lose all of my bookmarks, and I was never sure what the Flippist URL was....

somehow, by some strange miracle, my old bookmarks have reappeared.


Blogger Professor Batty said...

...jeanbabe- I had no idea that one of my kin had been so close to greatness!

...Brackety- good to hear from you (you could've just googled "Flippism" to find me...)

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