Monday, April 17, 2006

Anoka Is For Lovers

'Tis spring and love blooms anew.

We've opened up the side porch for the season, it is only about 120 square feet, but having it usable again makes the whole house seem much larger. People-watching is good from the porch, you are almost invisible and having a busy sidewalk only 20 feet away insures plenty of action. The "cunning linguist" of a few seasons ago will not be forgotten (they were in a car, but it was fairly obvious what transpired); the usual pubescents in various stages of infatuation are a regular occurrence.

But we had a new twist the other day. When out on my constitutional, I passed by an attractive couple who where in their early thirties. I had gone in and was reclining in the aforesaid porch when I saw the same two, down on the next block. The stopped, turned to each other and began to "make-out". On the sidewalk, in broad daylight, and for a long time. They were engaging in what I believe the English refer to as "a proper snogging."


I was just about to get the garden hose when they reluctantly separated and turned down the side street. If this kind of thing keeps up, we might get the same reputation that the neighboring town of Coon Rapids ( yes, that's the real name) has- "Gomorrah of the North".

I must apologize for my post-title to the Great Commonwealth of Virginia, which, as you may have heard, is also for lovers. I'm certain they are a bit more circumspect in their amorous behaviors.

By Professor Batty


Blogger Born Too Late said...

What a glorious day when, in the middle of all of the doom and despair (wars, global warming, fuel prices)a few people are able to enjoy the glory of a warm sping day and be happy in it. A true ray of hope I'd say!

Blogger Comica said...

Actually, VA lovers are just as eager to gloat about their affection. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything...!

Blogger verve said...

Most Indian lovers are denied the use of public space by the moral police. And I'm not talking about snogging, just good old-fashioned holding hands. We are witnessing a lot of moral righteousness in recent times, and things take an ugly turn sometimes.

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