Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Bricks

I started building the house when I was very small. One brick each day. At first, before I had a wall done, I felt overwhelmed by life. All those sensations, they all poured in like a steady rain. Nonstop. Then, As I grew older, and the first walls were complete, I had some peace. I was sheltered from the wind, and when I finished the ceiling, the sun. I made the house bigger, I added to my now much larger house, more rooms, more bricks. And now, a fine mansion. Built by hand. Almost nothing gets in.

But I'm lonely. Cut off from the world. I can't stop this building. No more raw sensations. Everything new must seep through the cracks in the mortar. And the house is strong. One brick each day. Each brick one day.

By Professor Batty


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