Thursday, April 13, 2006

Dog Came With The House

I'm not much of a mover. I've only lived in five different houses in my 5+ decades. Some people live in more places in a year. Throw in the fact that one move was less than a mile, and that another move was NEXT DOOR, and you can see that I tend to stay put. When I did the move next door the people leaving had a dog. This dog did not take kindly to moving, and his people asked us politely: "Would you like to take the dog?"

Well. We had known the dog pretty well, he was very territorial, and we weren't living in exactly the finest of neighborhoods. So- OK. Terry (the dog) became part of the family. He was an unexceptional dog, not too disciplined, but very enthusiastic. The yard was already his, and since it was fenced in, there was plenty for him to do. He was a mostly outdoor dog, he was definitely not a lap-dog. He never made a mess in the house, and was quite sociable. When he finally succumbed to age we had him put down.

At about the same time, we had to move. We bought a "fixer-upper", not next door this time, and had our hands full when we moved. You see, this house also had a dog. A little lap-dog. An indoors dog. A yapper and a hisser. This dog, which only weighed a few pounds, had managed to destroy every square inch of carpet and flooring.

Of course, the vacating resident asked: "Would you like to take the dog?"

By Professor Batty


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