Friday, April 14, 2006

Her Mother's Daughter

At the job-site for a new restaurant, I met up with one of the owners to discuss the sound system installation. He had brought along his teen-aged daughter. I had known him for years, from way back in my show-biz days. The other owner, his wife (who was not there), I had known longer.

As we discussed the mundane, yet germane, topic of routing wiring in a plenum, I caught myself looking at his daughter. She was petite, with deep brown eyes, and her appearance suggested that she was even younger than her actual age. I had a strange feeling- not exactly deja vu, but something similar; I could sense that my mind was trying to match her visage with some stored facial memory.

And I knew exactly what it was, of course. She was her mother's daughter, after all. Her mother and I shared an Aunt and Uncle (we had no blood relation to each other.) I would see her mother at my cousin's birthday parties when we were both children, her mother was about five years younger than me- I thought of her as "one of the little kids". And now it was as if the years that had passed had never happened, looking into a face from my childhood, a real person, not a dream or a memory.

As we continued to converse, this doppleganger became involved with the conversation, she was whip-smart and perceptive. There are some people who, even as children or young adults, make an indelible impression. I have a feeling that I will see that face often, as she makes her mark upon the world.

By Professor Batty


Blogger Trinity said...

that was beautiful. As a mother of a teen, I wonder in her beauty and peception of life sometimes. I wonder what life will make of her. She can be so gorgeous yet so damn exasperating at times.

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