Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Little Danny

Little Danny was, and there's no denying it, little. He was one of those guys, before the days of growth hormones, that just kind of stopped growing at about the age of ten. He wasn't a midget or dwarf, he was just small. Child-like in appearance one might say. He worked with the rest of us in the sub-basement receiving area of a large department store. His size didn't affect his performance, he was no shirker and always did what the next guy did, even more than many who were twice his size.

One Monday Danny was especially agitated. He couldn't stop talking about the great time he had that week-end. About how beautiful everything was right now. About his little white pills, with a cross carved into the top of them. The cross was there to facilitate cutting into smaller doses. Danny only need a half. Danny was feeling real big. Later on, Danny didn't need to cut his pills.

Is there anyone who doesn't know how this story ends?

By Professor Batty


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