Sunday, April 23, 2006


mid'den, n [ME. midding]: a dunghill or refuse heap [Brit. dialect]

Future archaeologists may find our leavings, while copius, deficient in import. With more and more of the physical "things" that we possess and use of a globally manufactured nature, will the unique features of our local cultures become eliminated? What did you touch, or see, or use today that wasn't also used by people in other areas or even countries? What facts about our lives will our middens show, expecting a time-line of industrial progress?

Hand-made goods, those things that once were cheap and common, are now expensive and rare. The things of daily life, excepting art and hand-work, are now more and more uniform. The same could be said for culture also, although there are still vast differences between many countries of the world. History will sort itself out. But it would be sad if all of our trash was the same.

By Professor Batty


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