Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Perfect Blog

I had found it by chance, through the "next post" button. The perfect blog, or rather the perfect set of blogs, for there were over a dozen sites put up by the same author.
A middle-aged, part-time worker, she had a variety of posts spread over her various sites, posts that were concerned with happiness, culture, compassion and fulfillment. As I got further into them, a bit of her family history came out. The joy and sadness, all the things that make up a life were there, told in prose made more affecting by its artlessness rather than by any literary qualities. My oft-times silly blog seemed facile and shallow by comparison. I followed it for a few months, tempted to put it on my links list. A list of wishes. Some pleasant graphics, cutesy animations. A gentle voice that was saying: "I'm here. This is my life. These are my loves." And then she wasn't. She stopped her posting, leaving only a terse note.

I still check out those sites from time to time. I won't link them. They were just too pure, she was too sincere with her magical intentions, all of them, too perfect for this imperfect world, and my imperfect blog.

By Professor Batty


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