Friday, April 07, 2006


Rosemary, in a cracker. With a bit of Cheddar Cheese, the Rosemary speaks up, as if to say: "I am the focus of this appetizer!" Then, the preparation of the meal. Garlic and Oregano, marinating the Steak (with a little help from the Worcestershire.) The Steak quietly sizzles in the broiler.
The Apple crisp slowly bakes, releasing a cloud of Cinnamon vapor. The New Potatoes will float in Butter and Dill. The Baby Greens have the Red Tomatoes for contrast (with a little lemon juice to perk up their hothouse blandness.) A little dark beer, and all is in readiness. I spy the Weaver driving into the garage. Simple meals are best.

Dinner is served.

By Professor Batty


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