Saturday, May 20, 2006

Nature Tales From The Urban Wilderness

Driving home, past a freshly plowed field, I spotted three crows among the furrows. They were scavenging (grubs?) a maintaining a conversation among themselves concerning the other creature on the scene- a wily coyote. Visions of The Roadunner came to mind, this poor canine looked just as clueless as his cartoon namesake, the crows just as cunning, and the bare earth was as close as Minnesota gets to the painted desert. The traffic came to a stop, so I could study the tableaux at length. The coyote was standing still, just looking at the cars on the highway, completely unafraid; perhaps he thought the UPS truck behind me had a pair of ACME™ rocket powered rollerskates for him.

When I got home, the weaver told me about a co-worker who had a bear in her birdfeeder the other day. We had three deer calmly munching in our backyard last summer. Nature is returning, intent on reclaiming the urban sprawl. My tomato plants are infested with squirrels. I'm afraid.

UPDATE: The Weaver spotted more deer sauntering past the house Saturday morning. Nature threat level: ORANGE

By Professor Batty


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