Thursday, July 20, 2006


When my laptop died (is five years too soon or not soon enough?) I was forced to make a decision. My options:

1. Fix the old one- With a major motherboard-CPU repair, that seemed pointless.
2. Go down to Best Buy and get a cheesy PC- Just like my work environment- (shudder.)
3. Quit home computers altogether- And give up the daily scintillating insights from my Significant Others? Not bloodly likely. (You know who you are.)
4. Bite the bullet and get a new Mac. OK, and done. Triple the machine (vís-a-vís my old iBook) thrice the memory, thrice the hard drive, sextuple the speed, uses the OS that I like, and no mouse. Track pads aren't for everybody, and I do have have a mouse if I really need it, I just find that a small notebook computer is so cozy and the pad (now with EXCITING TWO FINGER ACTION) completes the picture. It does have a built-in camera, however, which I promise to use sparingly.

Which leaves me waiting a week or two, sneaking in on my son's computer ("Don't change anything!") and $1600 poorer. I would have one by now, but the local Apple stores didn't have the configuration I wanted (in fact, they were out of a lot of items- it was pandemonium in there, did I hear someone say that Apple is dead?), I'd rather just get it directly.

By Professor Batty


Blogger Comica said...

I, myself, have been toying with the idea of taking a bite out of Apple when my laptop becomes too senile to function anymore (we're approaching our 3rd anniversary of being together).

However, I am scared of wading out into foreign waters, but then again I haven't the money yet to get to the beach.

For now, Acer is my ocean, the laptop an ancient rowboat that gets me from one shore to another.

Blogger Professor Batty said... is a good time to wait...with Windows Vista coming next year and Mac/Intel compatability a reality, the next 12 months should be very interesting...

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