Monday, August 21, 2006

The Spa

"Welcome, Professor, we of Le Spa Lux have been eagerly awaiting your arrival. Please to put your baggage (both physical and emotional) down, the staff will fulfill your every need..."

"Come with me, your bubble bath has been drawn, and a glass of Champagne sits next to the tub...just remove your clothing, don't be modest, we girls don't mind, that's it..."

"Hmmmm, comfy? Yes, that's the way, just sink into the Frangipani-scented water... and here is a tray of Bon Bons to accompany the bubbly... and a little music, oui?.. ah yes, Vespertine, I believe its your favorite..."

"'Allo, Monsieur Batty, my name es Fifi, I'll be your my, but she is warm in here- with all zat steaming bath water, you don't mind if I just shed a few things? Zat's better! Now allow moi to gently massage your... temples as you unwind...if you gaze through ze patio doors you will notice ze interpretive danseurs on ze lawn performing Ode to Eros for your viewing pleasure..."

"Time for ze full-body treatment, ze twins will towel you off, aren't zey adorable in ze matching bikinis? I'll make sure zey won't miss any of zose hard-to-get spots... manifique! Now stretch out on ze table... it feels so good, oui?... the warm oil... here and here, and here! And now, for ze happy finish...


"Hey baby, wake up!"

"What the... 5:48! Oh, that's right, I have to open at work this week... damn. And I was just getting to the good part of my dream!"

"What dream was that?"

"Ummm. Ah, I forget, something about you and me, someplace nice..."

"Right. Now get up and let me go back to sleep."

By Professor Batty


Blogger Jen Picken said...

Lots better than my last remembered dream. Something about Joe Lieberman nibbling on my ear. uuuugh... Gross......

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