Monday, October 02, 2006

Má Mí Mó

Má Mí Mó

When Batty the Fashionista returns to Reykjavík in a few weeks, one of the first places that he'll revisit is Má Mí Mó, a gallery/design studio/workshop. The creator of this special place, Guðlaug Halldórsdóttir, is a textile designer who says of her work: "My aim is to design and manufacture beautiful things which people enjoy watching and owning." Má Mí Mó is one of many places in Reykjavik where even the most jaded traveler will find something distinctive and uniquely Icelandic. The handbag pictured above was obtained on the Professor's previous trip; if Má Mí Mó is still in business it will not be his last purchase.

By Professor Batty


Blogger ECS said...

I am happy to report that it is indeed still in business and is still displaying a variety of tempting wares. I pass it almost every time I go to the favorite Thai restaurant next door.

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