Saturday, November 04, 2006

Saturday Morning Coming Down

Saturday, sometime in the twenty-first century...

And it's another week-end carved up by having to work on Saturday, the traditional "sabbath".
And I'm not complaining, after nearly a year of short hours, it's ok to make a little money.
And Saturday usually is a bit slower paced,
And I'll have a chance to whittle down some of the work that has piled up.
And favorite customers often come in for a chat.
And usually, (but not always) the bosses aren't around.
And, I can't help but feel that the progress of humanity has gone backwards a bit-
And everybody's working all the time.
And this rush of work will abate by Christmas,
And then I'll have a whole winter's worth of weekends off.

And working with one of your most favorite people in the whole world today doesn't hurt either...

By Professor Batty


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