Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dubya's Visitation

"...Laura, where are my glasses?"

-"I'm not Laura..."

"What the... you're Saddam! I thought you were hung?"

-"You thought right! Ha Ha, sorry for the old Blazing Saddles joke, it is one of my favorite movies."

"What do you want? Where's Laura? Where's the secret service?"

-"Don't worry about them, we have each others' undivided companionship for the next few minutes..."

"W-w-what do you want from me?"

-"Just to offer you my congratulations on your speech tonight. I couldn't have done it any better."

"Now don't try to compare me to you, you had thousands of your people killed, just to prove your own power!"

-"A point I believe we have in common."

"Your systematic use of torture..."


"You're a madman! The only thing you believed in is war, killing, and more war."

-"Yet another point!"

"We're going to win this war! Just you wait and see! I'll be a hero to the Iraqi people!"

-"I already am a hero. I believe you've made my point, so I must bid you adieu..."

"Wait! You're wrong, I'll..."

-"George, who are you talking to? You look as if you've seen a ghost!"

"Laura! It's Saddam! He's back from the grave!"

"Don't be silly, honey! There's no one here but you and I. You've been working on that big speech too hard. By the way, what was your 'new' plan for ending the war? I must have missed it."

"More war. That's the only way. I'll show 'em all- Saddam, Lieberman, Kennedy! I'll show Daddy, too."

"That's nice dear, now come to bed; in the morning everything will be all right!"

By Professor Batty


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