Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Last Gig

I came out of "retirement" and ran the sound system for a benefit last Saturday. For renumeration I received a couple of drink tokens, but as I usually don't drink while I'm working when I got home that night and emptied my pockets they were still there. I set them on the living room table. The gig went alright, a middle-school was raising money for their school band, and five musical acts played from mid-afternoon until 9 p.m. They were mostly guys I knew and had worked with in one band or another in the past. There were even some new tunes from those old dogs, and yes, they could still cut it. I had brought a few of my audio 'gizmos" down and got the mix sounding pretty good- so good that I received a job offer from a guy who played in the regular Friday night band- The Front Porch Swinging Liquor Pigs (!) I told him that I used to do this for a living but that was years ago; thanks, but no thanks, this would be my last gig.

The last gig- the one you're only as good as. I think I've had enough. It's a lot more fun to just be in the audience; I'll let younger ears have the job from now on. (Memo to self: get rid of all your gear, right now, so you won't be tempted to do this again!)

Those tokens weren't wasted, however. Sunday night the Weaver placed one in my hand. It still worked: she got her drink.

By Professor Batty


Blogger Jen Picken said...

Nnnooo you have one more gig! Don't forget your poor lil sis needs you for tunes and pic's on August 19. What wedding would be complete without a Professor's spin on the party!

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