Friday, February 09, 2007

Breaking A Sweat

Another hot August day, temp in the mid-nineties, we met at the coffeehouse. It was far too warm for coffee so we ordered smoothies. The shop itself was freezing (why do they insist on having the air conditioning at 68 degrees when everyone is wearing summer clothes?) so we went outside onto the patio. The sun's heat reflected off the shop's windows, the table's umbrella barely shaded our heads. There was enough of a breeze to occasionally send the mist from the lawn sprinklers onto our arms; tickling, moistening; cooling. We spoke of loves past and present, of work, play and family. The conversation flowed on and on, just two people with nothing really in common excepting this moment we shared; on a patio in a crazy hot/wet/cool cycle that repeated itself again and again.

"We'll remember this afternoon in the winter, when it has been below freezing for a month, and then we'll smile to think of it."

It has been and we did.

By Professor Batty


Blogger Lady of the lake said...

Ah yes, a most lovely memory of a very special afternoon. In the midst of the cold we are enduring, I am hopeful of yet another hot summer day for us at the coffeeshop. Sprinklers sending mist upon us a must. :)

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