Monday, April 16, 2007

Flippist Archives IRS Audit

"Welcome Mr. Batty, we here at the IRS would like to go over a few items on your recent return..."

uh oh, here it comes...

"You have declared Flippist Archives as a non-profit, is that not the case?"

"Well, I think you can easily see that I have not earned any money last year..."

"It is not a question of money earned, it's your deductions... for example, $2000 spent on sardines?"

"...umm those were for my dependents..."

"Thats another questionable area- you have 23 cats? These are your house pets?"

"No, no, they're quite wild, I listed them under non-game wildlife..."

"And this entire Icelandic operation? Including tickets to a "Music" festival, and to the theater, and swimming pool admissions? How can you possibly justify these frivolous pursuits?"

", you had to be there?"

"Mr. Batty, I'm afraid I've no other option than to... RIINNNG! RIIINNNG! ...excuse me.... yes, yes he's here. What? Oh I see. Alright, I'll see to it, right away... Mr. Batty, I've just been informed that your return has been reviewed by higher authorities, and you are free of any further obligations..."

...I knew that my old college roommie Dubya would see me through...

By Professor Batty


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