Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Roughing It

Poplar Creek Retreat Cabin                                        Poplar Creek

A cabin in the woods! The mere mention of it brings to mind images of Mark Trail, Sigurd Olsen, Ted Kaczynski and other rugged individualists who, living humbly, exist in harmony with nature- their domicile a humble shack nestled in the forest primeval.

Really. That's all we wanted. We had booked a new place from a couple we have rented from previously. This place- this "cabin"- was twice as big as Flippist World Headquarters, everything in it was brand new (we were the first renters in the just finished cabin) and it has it all- modern kitchen with all appliances, two bathrooms- each big enough for a basketball team, one with full laundry and the other with a whirlpool.

                   primitive facilities

It also featured porches, decks, satellite TV/dvd/cd, a fireplace and a ceiling fan (each with remote controls), even an erotic print in one of the bedrooms!
But a good woodsman is nothing if not adaptable. We managed to survive, and even had some adventures as well.


The Call of the Wild

By Professor Batty


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