Monday, May 28, 2007

Perfect Purse Pursuit

It has been said that as people age, men become more feminine and women more masculine. There's so much variation in gender expression that it seems to me to be a moot point, although as for describing a general trend that statement may have some value. In light of this, I seem to have taken a decidedly unmasculine interest in purses and handbags as of late. I've always been aware of them as a fashion accessory, indeed, the right bag can be an iconic expression of a woman's personality. Whether it is a petite clutch or a large over-the shoulder, the right purse can complete one's "look" and function as a mini-storehouse for various essentials.

I've found myself leaving the house in the morning, wishing I had a proper receptacle for my various accoutrements: camera, notebook, moist towelettes (never leave home without them!), a refreshment perhaps, personal grooming items (nose-hair clipper?), the newspaper, and a sweater for those over-air-conditioned places I might run into. A camera bag or a backpack would be just as functional I suppose, but they would define a role and not reflect my stunning personality at all. For inspiration I checked out the gear of some of my linked "regulars" (I once spent an afternoon with Audi and her legendary bag which she used in such a clever and purposeful way that I was a bit envious) and I found a these bags worth coveting:


Kristí­n's studs 'n leather would definitely draw attention (while allowing me to retain a hint of masculinity), while Sharon's softer minimalism is also appealing (love the monogram!)

Alas, I am not quite ready to cross that Metrosexual threshold. Maybe next year.

By Professor Batty


Blogger sharon spotbottom said...

Such an influential and compelling fashion sense you possess Professor.

Blogger Kristín said...

It's called a messenger bag, what you need. I humbly suggest this one:

Blogger Rose said...

Another term for what you want is a ManBag.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

Sharon- thank you very much, but you've never seen my wardrobe- AKA THE CLOSET OF HORROR!

Kristín- I like yours better!

Rose- I have a couple of those already...

Blogger Kristín said...

Sweetheart, a messenger bag is far more sensible than a small shiny red thing.

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