Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Screw Loose

This is where the proverbial "loose screw" ends up. Of all my vices, pack-rattery must lead the list (is onanism still considered a vice?) Bins and bins of parts. The screws and fasteners are small, unlike the collection of amplifiers and speakers I've accumulated. I actually use some of these treasures, in fixing or modifying some gadget or system. They will be my comfort/curse in my dotage.

By Professor Batty


Blogger Kristín said...

You remind me of my granddad. He used to be like that.

Blogger Rose said...

Card catalog! Your librarian friend approves. Where did you acquire it? Do you know which library it once resided in? A confession: I recycle used catalog cards: the backs constitute my grocery and to do lists. Simple things can bring a lot of pleasure, especially to peculiar people.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

Kristín- knowing a little of your relationship with him, I take that as high praise, indeed.

Rose- It was in our local (Anoka, Minnesota) library, they had a silent auction for it when they phased out the cards. When I got it home, I discovered that one of the drawers was still full, so I've done the card re-use thing as well. It is made of rock maple and weighs a ton. (You can see my vinyl collection below it, stored in what used to be the pedestal.

Blogger Rose said...

PB, I think you are cool enough for this now:

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