Sunday, June 10, 2007

Papist Parade

           Papist Parade
Imagine my surprise yesterday when I spotted the local Catholic Church having mid-day parade down my side street! The Holy Men were in front, of course, with their vestments and icons, (the high priest sheltered by a little awning), incense-censer swinging altar boys, followed by the humbler folk, with sad faces, singing hymns. My imagination immediately went into overdrive- perhaps they were on a mission to ferret out and destroy any "secular humanists" or other such heathen vermin (pagans, Unitarians, Flippists,etc.) they might find. Perhaps the "Anoka Inquistion" had already started and I was the first up for a heresy trial? They did eventually pass, but I was left in an uneasy peace.

Now of course they probably meant no harm. But what did they really mean by this unprecedented action? To inspire others to embrace their faith? To establish 6th Avenue as a station of the cross? To make me feel as if I were living in a third world country, with superstition and ritual dominating over reason and science? Today a golden cross, tomorrow a flaming one? Was it meant to be like the neighborhood 'parades' in Northern Ireland, designed to instill fear and provoke violence? Or was it masterminded by the new Pope, in a show of strength?
This was not an innocent testimony of faith. This was an act of intimidation, Un-American and reactionary. The New Dark Ages begin NOW.

~Flippism is the Key, May 29th 2005

Those fun-loving Catholics were at it again, parading in our neighborhood, showing the pagans who really owns the streets. We're not yet at the sectarian violence stage- thank goodness the inquisition hasn't re-started but the message of intimidation was clear enough for this non-believer. I missed seeing Father Ed in this year's parade, however.

By Professor Batty


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