Monday, August 13, 2007

Night Rider

so the aurora was hopping- at least above hudson's bay- as i headed north to escape the city lights and the summer heat, getting about ten miles out of town but no northern lights just the heat lightning dancing over lake millacs with some clouds coming in so there goes my chance; auður said they only come when its cold but i said it just has to be dark she looked at me as if i was jiving her but one august night on lake lida the lights were pouring down from the zenith and all around and that wasn't the only time i saw them but time is running out now, summer is over six weeks from when the crickets start chirping- that's what old martha used to say until they found her sitting at her kitchen table with her voice stilled by a stroke and they took her away and it was summer then, the summer after we came home from iceland the first time and found her standing in her back yard with fire all around her; jimmy from inverness was with us quite bewildered by it all and the next day jimmy and I drove up to alexandria to visit the kensington runestone and it was real; people coming from europe a hundred years or more before columbus and later the indians moved the stone down the very river i'm driving over and then down to falls of st. anthony where there are still people under the concrete and the water and then up the minnesota river to a sacred hill top where it slept until olof öhman dug it up, or so the story goes...

By Professor Batty


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