Friday, September 14, 2007

Union Bar

With the jukebox blaring a dismal bar-rock tune, the man in the suit collapses to the floor after one too many; in the side room Hurricane Vern does the soft shoe while explaining the finer points of the art of Johnning- "you gotta feed 'em first, them girls like that, feed 'em a nice dinner, and then you'll be set for the night." and then everybody dances- "Jackie Wilson Said: bop-shoo-bop- a bop- shoo bop- shoo bop" don't need no coffee in our cups, man we're all wired up, outside the rent-a-cop gets tough with Little Tommy Tucker and breaks his head and his life, the music doesn't stop, the waitress who was screwing the owner has got a little bump in her belly now, it's closing time, it's desperation time, and I get on my bicycle and ride home over the Hennepin Avenue bridge and let myself in, take a shower and crawl into bed- "How'd it go tonight hon?" I fall into sleep, trying to forget.

By Professor Batty


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