Thursday, November 01, 2007

Move It, Grandpa!

While exploring the historic mill district I came upon the above bit of future shock- Segway riders. I had been photographing the ruins when a terse "Behind you!" interrupted my muse. For some reason, these modern scooters have not only taken to previously pedestrian walkways, but have supplanted those Luddites who still perambulate on their own power. The horseless charioteer had silently zoomed up behind me, then warned me not to impede his progress. So this is "progress." A good walk ruined. Perhaps I should organize a walk-in, with signs stating "Ped Power" or "Sidewalks for the Walkers."

This invention, while it may have a place in industry and commerce, is the antithesis of recreational activity. I may be old-fashioned, but I think the purpose of getting out is to engage oneself in one's environs and to get some mild exercise, elevating respiration and blood flow, not to zoom about on battery power.

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By Professor Batty


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