Monday, February 04, 2008

Foreign Aid

The tiny town of Mountain, North Dakota has been selected to receive some assistance in the building of its new community center. Despite what the National Geographic has to say on the state of the state, there are still people looking toward the future here, willing to invest to preserve a way of life that is rugged but beautiful.

Just who is the mysterious benefactor, willing to contribute money to a small town, far away from any big city, with fewer that 200 inhabitants? Is it some wealthy philanthropist with ties to the area? Some corporation in need of PR? A wealthy Emir from the Mideast, trying to secure future oil rights?

No, it is none of these.

It is actually a gift from a country, a small country with a sense of history and pride in the accomplishments of its departed sons and daughters.

The country is Iceland.

The story is here.

By Professor Batty


Blogger Kristín said...

What can I say. We like mountains.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

... On behalf of the people of Mountain, I thank you sincerely!

Blogger Rose said...

I have been following this story for awhile. I bought my first Iceland calendar from the North Dakota chapter of the Icelandic National League. When Curtis Olafson sent me the calendar, he also emailed me a friendly note along with a picture of he and his Icelandic bride, in traditional costume. The sense of pride conveyed in that email and that calendar have been evident in the regular newsletters I receive from Mountain, North Dakota. Thanks for this write-up: it's a story worth sharing!

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