Thursday, February 07, 2008

At Eighteen

          Jakobinarina composite

Caught this article today; The Icelandic band Jacobinarina is breaking up. The average age of the members in the group is eighteen. Certainly they have had their turn, with far more success than almost any band has: playing around Europe and the US, headlining the SXSW and the Airwaves festivals. Being a professional musician is a hard life, I understand that the lead singer Gunnar Ragnarsson (pictured above, with dopplegänger) had had enough.


Perhaps he hadn't heard that a band or performer has to re-invent themselves every three or four years. Now what? A comeback at 19? A reunion tour at 20? Playing casinos by the time he's finally old enough to be in one?

Seriously, I wish him the best. Some dreams die hard, but sometimes it's better to wake up. He might emerge from this experience a more fully formed person. Or not. A very wise woman once sang: "There's more to life than this..."

By Professor Batty


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