Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Old Town, New Town

This hand written note describes my current state. Spending a Saturday in the quaint river-town of Stillwater, Minnesota will do that to a person, as one tries to come to grips with this town as a place.

In recent years it has changed from being a small, old town of practical stores to a trendy NEW TOWN, full of undistinguished condominiums and gift shops full of things no one really needs. There are still the antique stores, however, and as they fill up with things I once could have bought new I find myself wondering if it is me who should be on display. I find fascinating those stores which are arranged as if they were someone's house: a living room, a kitchen, children's room, etc., all full of stylistic mash-ups of objects, it's as if one were visiting a mad pack-rat. It makes me want to go back home and empty my basement and take a shower.

There is, occasionally, some item from the past that is of such glorious design that it makes the trip worthwhile:

Alas, not for sale...

By Professor Batty


Blogger lab munkay said...

Old tease. I see a stack of cups down there.

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