Tuesday, May 06, 2008


The current IT girl, we've all seen THE IMAGE numerous times

We've heard the great hue and cry from those easily offended.

But they protest in error!

This image is not as it really was, for it existed in a variety of earlier states,

each skilfully altered to hide THE NAKED TRUTH!

The released version shows a somewhat petulant teenager, half-covered with a satin sheet.

Pleasant, but hardly arousing- it's actually a flesh colored body stocking, covering up...

...the FUR COAT! PETA take note!

Form-fitting to accent her animal charms.

Actually, it was quite cold in the studio.

It was worn to prevent goose-bumps.

To discover the truth, the REAL NITTY-GRITTY as it were,

let us proceed further, to an even earlier rendition:

Now we're getting warmer, (as she's getting colder!)

Her monkey fur has been removed revealing a shimmering silver lamé blouse.

But all of these pictures have shown THAT GIRL with a ton of make-up.

Who is the real person beneath the lipstick, powder and paint?

Is this just another dream, another twisted Hollywood fantasy?

What is she hiding?


Offered with my apologies to the REAL Sharon, welcome back!

By Professor Batty


Blogger Sharon Spotbottom said...

Sharon has no issue with posing naked. Isn't she gooorgeous. Thanks Batty.
Sharon is simply just cuter than Miley. That goes without saying. Sharon does not compute the outrageous phenom that is tween stardom. Sharon provides some much needed tartan stickness to an otherwise run-of-the-mill Annie L. photo shoot. Annie take note; called out as conventional and i dare say snooze worthy.
Dress that tween twit in a mullet and an achy breaky heart next time.
Sharon adds, Disney is gross.

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