Wednesday, May 14, 2008

This Bird Has Flown

With the headlines full of disasters,
it was your news today which struck me hardest.
It's silly to feel this way.
We just shared a few thoughts
and one Sunday afternoon.
But you brightened, enlightened and
sometimes even frightened me, almost every day.
If I was too much at times,
I'm sorry, it was just my nature.
You never did me any wrong.
It was probably too weird from the start.
But I'm glad it happened.
Good-bye, and good luck.
You're always welcome here.
When I see you
Fly away without me-
Shadow on the things I know
Feathers fall around me
And show me the way to go-
It's over, it's over.

-"Birds" original lyrics by Neil Young
-"Icelandic Falcons" original image by James Audubon

By Professor Batty


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