Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Secret Blog of Cap'n Crunch

I only read it a couple of times... he must have killed it, maybe the heat from the brass at Quaker Oats got to him. It was pretty good, salty, not sweet like the cereal. He had a few good stories about what really went on below decks- cabin boys beware!
He was fond of quoting Churchill, something about the only traditions the British Navy had were Rum, The Lash, and something else...

I've been searching for a way to connect with the old Cap'n, ever since I first tasted that treacly treat as a boy. I never could get into the peanut butter, likewise the crunchberries. No sense in diluting the sugar with flavors!

I did manage to find one snapshot of the good Cap'n "off-duty" as it were, relaxing with some of his buddies. It is not a pretty picture.

By Professor Batty


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