Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Things We Used To Have To Do

A thorough house-cleaning unearthed this now obsolete relic from the not-so-distant past. A sheet of Chartpak™ (siimilar to Letraset™) rub-on letters. Prior to computers typography, every layout artist had drawers and drawers of this stuff, for that line or two of type that wasn't in the phototypesetter's font collection. The picture looks as if I'm trying to "install" the sheet on my MacBook. The font, Rustikalis Modernized Gothic, would be pretty cool to have- there are some newer variations available- but I fear this exact one now exists only in type specimen books. The rub-on letters have found a niche in the craft market, and you can even get a film to print your own designs on in your home ink-jet printer. I tried to use this sheet, but it was far too old, the letters had dried on permanently.

By Professor Batty


Anonymous Jon said...

A thorough house-cleaning? That IS a scary thought. I would have to (by law) involve some archaeologists.

Blogger Rose said...

Hiya Professor,
Are you ready for a Brimnes date? I am! (finally!)

Blogger Professor Batty said...

You're on Rose- 12:01 AM - Friday the 25th! (Now where did I put my copy?...)

Blogger Rose said...


Blogger Professor Batty said...

... you said you were ready! (You have until 1:01 AM - EDT)

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