Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Using Another's Toothbrush

Blogging from a Vista-equipped PC tonight. The inner sanctum of Flippist World Headquarters has been invaded by hostile forces, so in the name of domestic harmony I've expanded my desk so that there are "dueling keyboards"- my MacBook and the Weaver's Toshiba laptop are now back to back. After resolving some technical difficulties (a bad USB cable) that required me to use the dreaded Microsoft operating system, I thought I would, in the name of fairness, post from "the dark side" tonight.


Everything on the keyboard is about a quarter-inch off, there are about a jillion "task bars" that cut into the dispay space, the images are coarser, the type is poorly kerned and my thumb keeps hitting the 2nd button, the one that brings up the copy-paste-delete options.

And it's hot! (As in roasting, not as in sexy)

The killer is IE, however. Life is too short for that kind of foolishness. That situation will change. Firefox here we come.

By Professor Batty


Blogger Comica said...

Ewwww, Internet Explorer!
There's nothing like caving in to your more primitive nature every once in awhile ;)

Blogger Kristín said...

Over here it's only hot as in sexy...

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