Friday, November 14, 2008

In Loco Parentis

Annie Rhiannon's 'blonk' posts concerning her recent travels throughout the United States have aroused considerable interest lately, especially from those commenting. Annie's search, and it is a search, may appear hedonistic on its surface but there are strong reasons, even biological imperatives, for her sojourn. When she stopped here a few weeks ago, she did speak of some safety concerns, expressing misgivings about meeting one of her internet connections. "Trust your instincts" was the only advice I could muster. She's been doing awfully well so far, but now that she's really on her own- "depending on the kindness of strangers"- the tone of her posts have changed a bit. I sense that she is up against some major problems in her life, sometimes you just have to live through them, one day at a time.

And a few words to those who may yet cross her path:

If you see ol' Annie, you better give her a lift
Because Annie's been a-workin' on the midnight shift...

If Annie puts her hair up on her head
Paints them lips up bright bright red
Wears that dress that fits real tight
Starts stayin' out late till the middle of the night
Says to her friends, hey give me a lift
You know Annie's been a-workin' on the midnight shift

Well early in the morning when the sun comes up
You look at ol' Annie and she looks kinda rough
You tell her, honey get out of that bed
She says, leave me alone I'm just about dead
Brother, there just ain't no ifs
Annie's been a-workin' on the midnight shift

~Ainsworth and Lee, Midnight Shift

Good Luck Annie...

By Professor Batty


Blogger Annie A said...

Heh, thank you. I never heard that song before.

Anonymous mary said...

Hello from the parent!
Thank you for caring!

Anonymous Nicole said...

Hey! Quick question (unrelated to your blog) I have been having a hard time finding that review you mentioned today. Do you know the site you found it on?

Blogger Professor Batty said...

Annie- I've sent you an MP3

Mary- You can't help but feel for the "kids" - I remember my wayward youth all too well.


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