Thursday, December 18, 2008

Firefox 3 and My Winter of Discontent

The weather here has been January a month early. Nesting instincts have taken over therefore I don't feel guilty doing a tune-up on my laptop. Kicking and screaming, I updated to Firefox 3 last night. Mr. Minimal (yours truly) abhors any extra visual stimulation on the desktop- I'd prefer to leave my multi-colored, pulsing hallucinations back in the sixties. Downloading and installing FF3 was no problem, although I went into full panic mode when my current bookmarks were replaced with some from a year ago. It seems that if you tried FF 3 in beta (which I had) and then deleted it causes your bookmarks to revert to that previous state. A few pokes in my library and normalcy was restored. The next task was to get rid of the default theme- some faux shiny metal corruption with a bunch of junk on it that I never use. I did find a nifty one- "Full Flat", whose description aptly states: "Less is more."

Happy, happy, happy.

My next step, to be taken over the holidays, will be to rethink FITK's appearance. Nothing too drastic, just some tinkering. Once a year I try to go through all the old posts to check for broken links and outdated stuff, but that was a lot easier when I didn't have 1400 of them.

By Professor Batty


Anonymous Jon said...

"I'd prefer to leave my multi-colored, pulsing hallucinations back in the sixties." I have been waiting for decades for the "free ones" we were supposed to get when we least expected.
1400?!?! My, you are prolific!

Blogger Professor Batty said...

Yes, 1400 (with a little help from my friends), I hope you've studied them all, there will be a pop quiz tomorrow!

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