Friday, February 20, 2009

Live Blogging Event!

FITK is going to "live-blog" the Oscars!

Tune in Sunday, starting at 7 pm CST

(0100 Monday GMT) for all of Professor

Batty's reactions to this gala event.

The joy! The tears! The ridiculous

excess of it all! I'll be updating every

commercial break - I'll put your comments

in as well! So, to all five of my Sunday

night readers:


By Professor Batty


Anonymous Jon said...

Will you give out your own awards for most sincere tears, most exposed cleavage, etc.?

Blogger Professor Batty said...

... Perhaps for most gravity defying gown?

Blogger Rose said...

Yeah, but what if I don't have a TV?
Or, if my TV only plays Netflix?

Blogger Professor Batty said...

Just let me fill in your blanks!

Blogger lab munkay said...

It's a date!
Just don't critique my outfit.

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