Friday, April 24, 2009

Drunken Dreams

There stands the glass
That will ease all my pain
That will settle my brain
It's my first one today
One thing that I seem incapable of dreaming about is drinking, or feeling intoxicated while dreaming. Do alcoholics dream of booze? Whenever I do drink more than my usual one or two, I don't recall dreaming at all. In my (semi-)reckless youth I don't recall ever having any dreams while high either. I have had dreams of smoking, however, and in it I vividly recalled that rush from that first big drag. Perhaps that is why nicotine is such an addictive drug, it stimulates the nervous system as it works its way into one's metabolism. Drinking, on the other hand, just sort of beats one's consciousness into oblivion.
There stands the glass
That will hide all my tears
That will drown all my fears
Brother, I'm on my way
More potent vision-inducers seemed to cancel out dreaming activity for me as well. The natural dream state is not an induced one- excepting for perhaps a bout of indigestion after a heavy meal; e.g., Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend. A lot of people drink themselves to sleep, perhaps so as not to dream...
There stands the glass
Fill it up to the brim
Till my troubles grow dim
It's my first one today

~Webb Pierce

By Professor Batty


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