Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spy Cam


I broke my little spy-cam the other day (don't ask how, that's classified information!)
I was a little wary of it when I first brought it home nearly three years ago, its design was quite a departure from my old film-burners, indeed, it was and remains a quirky departure from the cookie-cutter sameness of most digital cameras. I grew to love that little spy-cam, I brought it into places where a full sized slr would be obnoxious (or barred at the door) and got lots of movies, hours of audio, and thousands of pictures; many of which ended up here, illustrating a blog-post.

I do have got a big camera, the complexity and size of it keeps it in its bag most of the time. There's one thing I can say for modern camera designers: they sure know how to engineer the fun out of taking pictures.

I did some research into getting another small camera. There are newer models of this style, but with more frills my old one had. The picture quality of all small-sensor cameras is about the same, they sort of hit a plateau about three years ago. A new one of this quality would run about $300; with extra batteries (I wouldn't have less than two for any camera) and needed accessories I'd be looking at about 4 bills. What's a prudent shopper (read as: tightwad) to do?

I found a factory-warranty refurb of my old model for $125. With any luck, Batty the spy will soon be back in business.

By Professor Batty


Blogger Annie said...

I need a spy cam. I didn't get ANY pictures of the Obama thingy because I couldn't take my massive camera. It's like I wasn't there!

And I think you dropped your spy cam when you were pulling the bomb from your shoe.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

Actually, I turned it on by incidental contact in my pocket- the lens extended, and I then banged it sharply against the edge of a desk. A real Maxwell Smart move.

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