Thursday, April 23, 2009

Travel Dreams

If the third time is a charm, what would the fourth time be?

The dreams I have of Iceland never stop. Not every night, but once, twice, maybe more times a week. Every week. What experience there remains unfulfilled? After three visits, each one more intense than the previous, I could be setting myself up for a major disappointment. In light of the Kreppa, I know that everything has changed. But change is good, right? I could "sneak" over for four or five days- I've already got credit card points enough for both flight and car rental- if I wanted to see some new countryside. I'd like one more go at the Airwaves festival as well, but what I've read about its finances is not encouraging. A theater week-end in October would be heavenly, however.

The good thing is that these kinds of dreams can sort themselves out, if one only lets them "cook" for a while. For now, I'll watch and wait.

By Professor Batty


Anonymous mary said...

Yes, you should go, the kreppa doesn't matter, we cut our cloth to suit our needs.
I fell deeply in love with Iceland on the first glimpse of it from the plane window and it got deeper on my second visit.
As my little one doesn't live there anymore it seems unlikely I will visit again but I still dream!

Blogger Professor Batty said...

I cried the last time I left, thinking that it may have been the last time I'd ever be there. "We cut our cloth to suit our needs", is an appropriate adage. As I ponder this decision I will keep that in mind.

Blogger Móðir, kona, meyja said...

Oh honestly Batty, you are such a girl!

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