Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Partial Citizen

Norm Coleman, defeated in his bid for reelection to the US Senate from Minnesota, has vowed to continue his appeal to have the election results overturned, thereby blocking the seating of Al Franken. Norm says he's doing this to help the "disenfranchised" voters who may not have had their ballots counted. The recount, done with unprecedented media scrutiny and openness, wasn't good enough for Norm and his Republican handlers. The result of his legal manuevering is that now all of the citizens of Minnesota are disenfranchised- having only one representative and one senator we are only two-thirds represented in congress- partial citizens as it were, less than equal. Estimates from political analysts are that this charade will continue until September.

Of course, these appeals are just a way to keep Al Franken's filibuster-busting 60th vote out of the Senate. Norm is in personal financial and legal trouble with an inflated mortgage and an ongoing slush-money investigation- allegations which include the funneling of money to him through his wife(!). He has become a pathetic figure in politics, without principles and beholden to a fading GOP elite, disregarding the constitutional rights of the citizens of Minnesota.

Regardless of politics, Norm could do the right thing. He could concede the election, as he said he would do in November. He would be ruined politically and financially, of course, but he could regain at least a shred of personal integrity. I may be only two-thirds of a citizen, but at least I'm not half a man.

By Stephen Cowdery


Anonymous Nicole said...

Norm Coleman has to be one of the biggest douche bags to come out of the MN political sphere (although Pawlenty is up there, too). I loved how one of his big "facts" for his campaign was: "He got hockey back!" Didn't that happen when he was a Democrat?! What a joke.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

He also said the hockey arena would be paid for privately, and when it was done he stuck the bill to the taxpayers!

Anonymous Jon said...

Douche bag?? Nicole, you are being way too kind!

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