Wednesday, May 06, 2009

By Request...

Rose wanted some more Suðurgata graveyard photos. Until I get back to take some new ones, here are a couple- just for the Hekla of it...

That was so much fun, I may just keep on doing this until October!

By Professor Batty


Blogger Rose said...

I think I'll make a comment a day until you go to Iceland. Nice graveyard photos! I thought you'd seen Benni Hemm Hemm before, and when I checked I saw your photo of the northern lights, auughhh! So Im even more jealous.
My comment for today: good thing you're such a likable guy, or you wouldn't have any friends because we're all so jealous.
(But happy for you and the Weaver too...)

Blogger Professor Batty said...

Are you really coming to MN this summer? We'll be out of town July 4 - 11.

That night with Benni was fantastic, I'll be hard pressed to top it, but I'm going to try (if Airwaves hasn't gone bankrupt!)

Blogger Rose said...

If we come it will be July 15-19, more or less. And if we don't, we expect to come another time. Still up in the air!

I hope you get to see Benni Hemm Hemm again--maybe that's a show the Weaver would like!

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