Thursday, May 21, 2009

Friday on Saturday on Thursday

This Thursday's post is brought to you by Friday, our local bookstore's resident cat, pictured here last Saturday. Friday's intended role, I presume, is to keep the vermin population from nibbling on the leather bindings of priceless tomes.

Friday might believe otherwise. She assumes that all the customers have come to see her, offer her obeisance, and indulge in unfettered petting, kneading and massage. When she spies a chump (me) she makes her not-so-inconsiderable presence known. After several orgiastic minutes, I let her be. Later, when I was leaving, she gave my arm a vigorous swat from her elevated perch, as if to say; "Not so fast, there is still some unfinished business between us.

Some lovers are never satisfied.

By Professor Batty


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