Monday, June 29, 2009

Mondays In Iceland - #8

Krýsuvík, 2006

Inspiration for this week's post comes from Alda Kalda, our fearless Icelandic corespondent who went hiking in active earthquake country. The Reykjanesfólkvangur is a national park just east of Keflavík and the international airport. My trek through it was taken during an intermittent squall inside a tiny rental Toyota Yaris. This is a fantastic place, full of mossy lava formations and hot springs. The water in the picture above is boiling hot. Every so often a foolish tourist will step through the crust and get severely scalded. There are plenty of places to hike without fear, as Alda's pictures show. If it weren't so tectonically hot, I'd say "way cool..."

By Professor Batty


Anonymous mary said...

When we visited Hverarond the guide said 'If you fall in you're dead',
so we took great care not to fall in!

Blogger Rose said...

I hope that the intermittent squall was outside the Yaris, not in.
Or perhaps the squall went something like, "I'm going out there to look!" "No you're not you crazy person" Yes I am, no you're not
... and so on

Blogger Professor Batty said...

You got that dialog exactly right- and I was the only person in the car! (It did let up after a while.)

Blogger Rose said...

exhausting, isn't it

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