Thursday, July 16, 2009

How I Spent My Summer Vacation - Part IV

The final day of my summer vacation was a day spent in the neighborhood, doing a house tour.

This annual event is done to raise money for the historical society, although I think its primary function is to let people snoop in other peoples houses and gardens.

This year it was held my part of town: no mansions, just plenty of old houses, some were restored, most with a long way to go.

These were humble treasures- an old candy store made into an inviting screen porch, several bower-like patios and gardens; there was even a beautiful parquet floor, unearthed from
beneath layers of linoleum and carpeting:

This kitchen, circa 1913, even had the original decals on the cabinet doors:

Afterwards, I didn't feel quite so bad about Flippist World Headquarters. Our house was a pit when we moved in, it's comfortable and snug now, although there is still plenty to do, especially when company is coming.

~ Batty the Snoop

By Professor Batty


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