Thursday, January 07, 2010

No Story

When ever I partake of wine, I check the label (or packaging) for a story. My perpetual quest for knowledge (read as: easily amused) is often surprised by the amount of disconnect between the words and the product. Often, however, there is no story. No tale of "ripe plum notes, with hints of espresso and chocolate" or the story of the owner's great-grandfathers's founding of his winery in a picturesque part of Tuscany/Alsace/New Jersey. No "concept" story of "irreverent" "rule-breaking" "heresy" in the creation of a new style. Just the name of the manufacturer, the varietal, and the district, Dry, Sweet, or Semi-sweet.

I had one of these "wines without a past" last night. It was, fittingly, totally nondescript. Not bad, but forgettable. Truth in advertising.

TOMORROW: Stories.

By Professor Batty


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