Monday, February 01, 2010


After losing a few channels, I remembered that the Sunday before the Superbowl is "Re-scan day" for those of us lesser mortals who have to scrape by on broadcast TV only. For 60 years broadcast television had the same channels, I've had to reprogram my converter three times in the last 2 years!

At any rate, I did the deed (although I still haven't deleted the bible channels) and went through all the stations to make sure I didn't miss any. The Grammys were on and I happened to tune in to catch the end of Beyoncé's bump 'n grind routine she did while surrounded by storm troopers! Okay, now I remember why I don't usually watch that show.

Not much else was on, so I checked out Alda's Iceland Weather Report blog. She had a couple of very interesting links to an Icelandic TV show with an interview (in English) with Max Keiser, an independent economic analyst and writer. Anyone interested in the world banking situation should take a look, you may not agree with everything Mr. Keiser says, but even if he isn't 100% correct, what remains will make you shudder.

You'll never see this on American TV, no matter how many times you "re-scan."

By Professor Batty


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